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Professional Terms and Conditions

To enter the professional section of this website, please confirm that you have read and understood the important information that is contained below by clicking "I am a financial professional and agree to the above terms and conditions" at the bottom of this page.

The products described on this website are suitable for UK sophisticated retail and professional investors who have a good understanding of the underlying market and product characteristics. It is important that you appreciate at the outset that you could lose all of your invested capital when investing in these products. You should be satisfied that they are suitable for you in the light of your circumstances and financial position. If in any doubt, please consult an appropriately qualified financial advisor. We recommend that retail investors seek independent professional advice prior to investing.

Third party information

Any third-party advertising, information and referral buttons containing hyperlinks are not recommendations or endorsements by Investment Compass or its respective directors, affiliates or employees. The user is referred to the relevant third party for all relevant information, including complete information on that entity's investment adviser or dealer licensing status (if applicable). All reasonable care has been taken by Investment Compass to ensure that all statements of fact and opinion contained in the materials provided by a third party are fair, clear and not misleading. Nevertheless, Investment Compass makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy of any third party information and is not responsible for third party content in any way.

UK residents only

This site is intended for investors who intend to trade in Investment Compass Listed Products in the United Kingdom. It is not provided to any person who is a resident of any other country.

No investment advice

Nothing in this website constitutes advice on the merits of buying, or selling a particular investment or exercising any right conferred by the listed products described. Investment Compass does not offer investment advice in respect of these products.

Accuracy and reliability of information

The information in this website is, to Investment Compass's knowledge, reliable and accurate but this cannot be guaranteed. The views of Investment Compass reflected in this website may change without notice. Figures included in this website take no account of personal tax liability. The value of Listed Products may be exposed to fluctuations in rates of exchange, and these may have an adverse effect on the value or price of the Listed Product. The value of Listed Products can go down as well as up. No investment decision should be taken without reading the Final Terms relating to the particular listed product concerned.

 I am a financial professional and agree to the above terms and conditions.