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AltFi TV - Episode 4

16th of Dec 2014

Alternative Finance Rescues Small Businesses

In this episode Ryan reviews the FLS scheme's £128m drop-off and how the alternative finance sector came to fill the gap as well as sits down with Paul Crayston of Market Invoice.

Trend Alert - Episode 2

19th of Nov 2014

Meeting China's Targets and a change for Tesco

In this episode we take a look at the relatively slow GDP growth in China and the actions of the Peoples Bank of China to ensure targets are met as well as the the big players in the supermarket section of the retail sector where Tesco recent bad run may signal a potential opportunity for growth.

AltFi TV - Episode 3

18th of Nov 2014

The sector's creation

In this episode Ryan talks to Dave Nicholson, Co-Founder and Inventor of Zopa as well current CEO Giles Andrews to discuss the creation of the Alternative Finance sector as we see it today as well as where it could be headed in the future.

Trend Alert - Episode 1

22nd of Oct 2014

China, UK & the ECB

In this first edition we look at the linking of the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock markets through the connect initiative, then to the UK where recent political activity suggests that it could be time to hedge sterling exposure and lastly a look at the measures being taken by the European Central Bank to improve lending supply that could lead to an increase in mergers and acquisitions.

AltFi TV - Episode 2

8th of Sep 2014

More for the Alternatives

In this, the second episode of AltFi TV, Ryan Weeks interviews James Sore of Syndicate Room and Kieran Garvey of Crowdcube as well as brings you the latest news, views and data trends from the front lines of the alternative finance sector.

AltFi TV - Episode 1

12th of Aug 2014

The world of Alternative Finance

The first episode in an ongoing series, AltFi TV brings you the latest news, views and data trends from the front lines of the alternative finance sector. This week, show-host Ryan Weeks welcomes guests Tom Beaumont (Invest & Fund), Andrew Turnbull (Wellesley & Co.) and Bryan Crotaz (Silver Curve). The data trends identified are powered by AltFi Data

Investment 101 - Interest Rates

25th of Jul 2014

What do rising rates mean?

In this episode David looks at how rising interest rates could affect investments looking at how the different possible scenarios will benefit savers or hurt borrowers, as well as looking at the real interest rate when inflation is considered.

Straight Talk - Ross Hollyman

22nd of Jul 2014

A new value focused fund

In this episode David sits down with Ross Hollyman, Investment Director at Sabre Fund Management, to discuss his new fund focusing on world equities through applying a value strategy.

Investment 101 - Diversifying an ISA

20th of Jun 2014

Protect wealth through diversification

In this episode David talks about protecting investors ISAs by spreading risk amongst multiple sectors and investment classes in order to avoid suffering a large loss when one part of the portfolio takes a hit.

Head to Head - Investing in Growth ISAs

13th of Jun 2014

ISAs used to protect capital growth

In this episode David and Lawrence discuss how and why investors would create and maintain an ISA designed to contain their capital growth investments and how they would going about choosing which investments to fill it with.

Investment 101 - Using ISAs for Shares, Bonds or Funds

12th of Jun 2014

Doing the diligence

In this episode David gets into the nitty-gritty of how to go about choosing which bonds, shares or funds to place in your ISA.

Straight Talk - Nitesh Shah

9th of Jun 2014

A look at global commodities

In this episode of Straight Talk David looks at recent behaviours in global commodities markets with Nitesh Shah, Research Analyst at ETF Securities, and analyse the drivers that are affecting the commodity values.

Head to Head - Investing in ISAs

30th of May 2014

Choosing and using an ISA

In this episode David and Lawrence take a deeper look at ISAs specifically the fundamentals around the structure that need to be considered including costs as well as what can be put in an ISA

Straight Talk - Andy Rothman

26th of May 2014

A look at China

In this episode David and Lawrence talk to Andy Rothman, China strategist at Matthews Asia to discuss the ins an outs of investing in a modern China, specifically the current trends, the underlying fundamentals, ways to access the China story and where it could be headed in the future.

Head to Head - ISAs

23rd of May 2014

Planning for the future

In this episode David and Lawrence discuss how ISAs can play a significant part of investors retirement plan with their tax-free and simple structure and even replace a pension entirely.

Straight Talk - Kenneth MacKenzie

19th of May 2014

A REIT around care homes

In this episode David and Lawrence discuss investing for an income through Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) along with Kenneth MacKenzie from Target Advisers who specialise in creating financial products dedicated around the health-care sector.

Head to Head - China

16th of May 2014

The China Story

In this episode David and Lawrence look at China, specifically the various ways to access the growth being experienced there as well as the underlying components that may effect prices.

Investment 101 - Equity Income Funds

14th of May 2014

Growing income from dividends

In this episode of Investment 101 David explains why Equity Income Funds are a popular way for investors to gain an income from dividends.

Straight Talk - Tania Ziegler

13th of May 2014

The Rise of Alternative Finance

In this episode David and Lawrence look at the Alternative Finance space and how it has grown from a niche interest to a compliant sector that is rapidly increasing appeal to more regular investors. In the studio to discuss this with them is Tania Ziegler, program manager at Knowledge Peers.

Straight Talk - Ben Davies

29th of Apr 2014

Getting income from Equities

In this episode David & Lawrence discuss strategies for pension planning paying consideration to investing for an income in the new order where pensions no longer have to contain annuities with a particular look at equity income orientated strategies with Ben Davies CEO of Hinde Capital who have recently launched an ETN in this space.

Head to Head - Exchange Traded Notes

25th of Apr 2014

An I-owe-you for a specific view

In this episode David and Lawrence talk about Exchange Traded Notes. These are similar to Exchange Traded Funds in the sense that they're traded on the stock exchange but have a more specific focus but are open to counter-party risk.

Invesment 101 - Mining Shares

23rd of Apr 2014

How mining companies link to global economy

In this episode David looks at the various companies available to investors looking to access the mining sector and where investors should look depending on their outlook on the global markets.

Straight Talk - Randeep Somel

22nd of Apr 2014

Stick with the fund or the manager?

In this episode David and Lawrence talk to Randeep Somel, the new fund manager of the M&G Global Basics Fund and discuss not only the fund itself but also when investors should follow their preferred fund manager's movement though the industry or to stick with the fund that led them to like the manager. They also talk about what it's like for a new fund manager to step into the limelight.

Head to Head - Gilts

19th of Apr 2014

Preserving Capital

In this episode of Head to Head Lawrence and David discuss Gilts, the fixed income, government issued securities. These are minimal risk investments with relatively low returns but with a few variations that allow investors to take a position.

Investment 101 - UK Technology Market

16th of Apr 2014

Getting to grips with Technology

In this episode David describes the many ways fro investors to access the ever growing and often exciting UK technology market.

Straight Talk - EIS

14th of Apr 2014

How firms are using EIS

In this episode of Straight Talk we discuss the Enterprise Investment Scheme with new gaming technology outfit Play Jam executives Marco Baccanello and Bill Cunningham.

The Big Question - The UK Bull Market

9th of Apr 2014

Catching the UK Bull

In this episode of the Big Question Dominic Picarda suggests an investment strategy to take advantage of the bullish market currently surrounding the UK via the FTSE100.

Head to Head - Annuities

4th of Apr 2014

Investing for retirement

In this episode David and Lawrence discuss how annuities provide payouts for investors. These simple vehicles are a way to receive a low risk but higher return than with government bonds but have some interesting details worth noting including some that have been addressed in the 2014 budget review.

Investment 101 - Target Risk & Target Date

2nd of Apr 2014

A diversified portfolio with specific risk levels

In this episode David explains the workings and function of target risk and target date funds. These allow investors to access investors to quickly and easily access a diversified portfolio with a risk level suited to their needs.

Straight Talk - Brendan Llewellyn

31st of Mar 2014

The Future for IFAs

The next generation business model for IFAs - The radical changes wrought by the retail distribution review (RDR) last year now seem to be finally having an effect, especially as traditional revenue models evolve and adapt to strict new rules about transparency. Has RDR worked to advisers benefit and how are IFAs changing their business model ? To discuss these questions, and examine the next generation business model for IFAs, David Stevenson and Lawrence Gosling talk to The Adviser Home's Brendan Llewellyn.

Head to Head - New ISAs

28th of Mar 2014

Changes to ISAs

In this episode David and Lawrence discuss the changes made to ISA structures in the 2014 budget review and what this means for investors.

Hard Money - Africa

27th of Mar 2014

The final frontier : Africa

Picking up from our Straight Talk special on Africa, Hard Money delves deeper into the opportunities on offer from this continent wide frontier market. We look in detail at the recent purchases by Francis Daniels for his AOF fund and investigate where the South African based manager is focusing his attention on next.

The Big Question - Gold & the Coppock

26th of Mar 2014

Shiny yellow signals

In this episode Dominic Picarda explains how the Coppock guide can be used to identify signals to buy in and out of gold.

Investment 101 - Global Investment Trusts

26th of Mar 2014

One step to global exposure

In this episode David gives a run-down of Global Investment Trusts. These stock exchange listed trusts cover international equities and markets and can be traded in real time via a stockbroker.

Straight Talk - Budget Special

24th of Mar 2014

How the budget changes affect Investors

No requirement for pensioners to invest in annuities, ISA limits boosted and P2P investments now allowed in tax free savings plans - what's not to like about the recent budget ? Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson examine the recent budget changes and investigate why investors might still be well advised to seek professional financial help as they navigate around a radically different savings landscape.

Investment 101 - Japan

21st of Mar 2014

The basics on Japanese investing

In this episode David takes us through how Japan's markets operate and how new government reforms and population demographics may affect investments. He then describes a number of different ways investors can access the markets.

Straight Talk - Jonathan Dobson

17th of Mar 2014

An up close look at Japan

In this episode David and Lawrence revisit their ongoing dispute over Japan and are joined by Jonathan Dobson, Chief Investment Officer in Japan at Coupland Cardiff Asset management. They discuss policies laid out by Japan's prime minister - Shinzo Abe as well as how changing demographics are changing the investment landscape in Japan.

Investment 101 - Frontier Markets

7th of Mar 2014

Accessing the growth in developing nations.

In this episode David talks us through how to invest in the higher risk but potentially high yield returning areas of the world known as Frontier Markets. These includes areas such as Africa and the Gulf states where economies are enjoying a boom as the nations play catch up with the west.

Straight Talk - Francis Daniels

3rd of Mar 2014

Taking to the frontier!

The straight talking show for financial professionals explores the appeal of frontier markets and especially sub saharan African markets with Francis Daniels, manager of the London listed fund Africa Opportunity Fund (AOF). Should investors focus on different national markets - with their varying risk profiles - or should investors look at a more regional level to capture key society-wide changes. Francis Daniels of AOF discusses his recent purchases and explains why he believes Africa represents huge opportunity for value orientated investors.

The Big Question - Emerging Markets

27th of Feb 2014

When to buy into EMs?

In this episode Dominic Picarda takes put Emerging Markets under magnifying glass to see how these have been behaving as well as what tactics investors can employ to see returns from this somewhat volatile space.

Straight Talk - Geoff MIller

24th of Feb 2014

Investing in SMEs

In this episode of the straight talking show for financial professionals David interviews Geoff Miller, CEO of GLI Finance, to talk about the emergence of funding small and medium size businesses through various methods including those within the alternative finance space such as peer to peer lending and invoiplatforms.

Head to Head - Defensive Stocks

21st of Feb 2014

Playing it safe

In this episode Lawrence asks David about defensive stocks in particular what sectors are considered to be defensive and how buying them can provide a low risk but often low return investment.

Straight Talk - Cormac Leech

18th of Feb 2014

Are the banks fit fur purpose yet ?

In this week's edition of programme for financial professionals we investigate whether the high street big banks have finally put the worst behind them and are now fit for purpose ? With Lawrence and David in the studio is Liberum's banking analyst Cormac Leech discussing whether banking shares now represent a good investment

Head to Head - Alternative Finance

14th of Feb 2014

Peer 2 Peer lending & Crowdfunding

In this episode David and Lawrence discuss Peer2 Peer lending & Crowdfunding. They shed light on how they work, how investors can access this new but rapidly expanding sector as well as the risks that go along with such investments.

The Big Question - Tactical versus Buy & Hold

12th of Feb 2014

Boosting returns from Asset Allocation

In this edition of the Big Question Dominic looks at boosting returns from an asset allocation based portfolio by using trackers, such as exchange traded funds, and compares the benefits and disadvantages of a buy and hold versus tactical switching investment strategy.

Straight Talk - The Platform Market

10th of Feb 2014

Are platforms fairly priced?

David and Lawrence take some time to discuss the broker platform market and whether there is a wide scale 'price war' going on between the various platforms or whether they're over-priced when compared to the amount investors are left with to spend on advice from IFAs or through the funds that they invest in.

Head to Head - Foreign Exchange

7th of Feb 2014

International currency plays

This week David and Lawrence discuss investing via foreign exchange markets. This rather niche investment space is a direct way to access fluctuations in international currency values but due to factors such as trading costs and market complexity its important not to dive into this sector lightly.

Investment 101 - Value Investing

6th of Feb 2014

Back to the fundamentals

In this episode of Investment 101 David talks us through value investing - one of the original strategies pioneered by some of the most famous names in the game such as Ben Graham and Warren Buffet - where a stock is determined to be either cheap or expensive by looking at its fundamentals.

Out of the box - Litigation Funding

5th of Feb 2014

A litigation funding portfolio

In this episode of Out of the Box David sits with Christopher Bogart, CEO of Burford Capital, to discuss litigation funding and how they go about building a portfolio of cases to back that balances the risk of losing against the potential return of a win.

Straight Talk - Nick Brooks

3rd of Feb 2014

Are commodities on their way up?

The straight talking show for financial professionals investigates whether the world’s commodity markets have finally hit rock bottom? ETF Securities investment research guru Nicholas Brooks argues that industrial metals markets in particular are now on their way up again as investors begin to switch attention to more cyclical assets that’ll do well as the global economy picks up speed.

Investment 101 - Quantitative Easing & Tapering

31st of Jan 2014

Recovering from the collapse

In this episode David explains the ins and outs of Quantitative Easing & Tapering - the basics of what's involved, the reasons for taking the actions as well as the impact they may have on different investment types.

Head to Head - The Greeks

31st of Jan 2014

What are Alpha, Beta & Delta?

In this episode of Head to Head Lawrence and David discuss various values assigned to benchmark the performance of fund managers & portfolios - specifically Alpha, Beta & Delta.

The Big Question - Small, Medium or Large?

30th of Jan 2014

Time to look at smaller caps

In this episode Dominic Picarda looks at investing in trackers of equity indices based on market capitalisation and how investing in smaller stocks could bring investors higher returns.

Straight Talk - Neil Staines

27th of Jan 2014

Anglo Saxon currency: safe haven?

The straight talking show for financial professionals looks at equities and bonds through the prism of FX markets - with both the US and the UK looking to be growing fast, is now the time to focus exclusively on Anglo Saxon markets or is Europe finally about to re-emerge from austerity ? With David and Lawrence in the studio is Neil Staines from FX specialists The ECU Group.

Head to Head - Asset Allocation

24th of Jan 2014

The basics of Asset Allocation

In this episode Lawrence and David go head to head to discuss how to build a portfolio that is balanced to minimise risk while maximising returns and what factors investors should look out for in their own portfolios.

Straight Talk - Didier Saint-George

23rd of Jan 2014

Spotting great veteran fund managers

The straight talking programme for financial professionals investigates why some veteran fund managers can produce persistent out performance, and asks when investors should buy into these experienced professional investors and their funds ? Carmignac's Didier St George discusses research that suggests that an intuitive sense of market risk and a strong team philosophy are major contributors to the success of these veterans !

Out of the Box - REITs

22nd of Jan 2014

Accessing Bricks & Mortar

In this month's episode of Out of the Box David talks to Duncan Owen, Head of Property Investment at Schroders, Robert Boag, Senior Investment Director (Real Estate) at Ignis Asset Management and Colette Ord, Investment Trust Analyst at Numis, about Real Estate Investment Trusts and how demand is growing from income investors which in turn is helping to push up prices.

The Big Question - Asset Allocation

21st of Jan 2014

The Seven Asset Portfolio

In this episode of the Big Question Dominic Picarda talks through Asset Allocation strategy - in particular the Seven Asset Portflio from Dr Craig Israelsen and adapts it to fit the UK marketplace.

Investment 101 - REITs

17th of Jan 2014

Investing in REITs

In this episode of Investment 101 David explains Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs and how they can be used by investors to gain access to an array of property assets in a cost effective way that could potentially keep ahead of inflation.

Hard Money - the Road to Recovery

16th of Jan 2014

Avoiding another Crisis

The current economic recovery - and accompanying rally in US share prices - is built on dangerously shaky foundations, or at least that's the view of respected independent economist Andrew Smithers. In his latest book The Road to Recovery Andrew warns that debt levels at many leading US corporations are in fact increasing at a rapid rate, driven in large part by senior management's pay and incentive structures which encourage extra borrowing in order to fund share buybacks. This frenzy of share buying is pushing US equities into expensive territory with potentially disastrous results if the US Federal Reserve does eventually start to aggressively taper its money market interventions. A new model for economic governance is desperately needed if the West isn't to sleepwalk into another global financial crisis.

Straight Talk - Asset Allocation

13th of Jan 2014

An Asset Allocation Double Bill

The straight talking show for financial professionals returns with a double bill of original, asset allocation based thinking. Parala Capital's Steve Goldin kicks off by explaining why investors desperately need a more dynamic approach to asset allocation - driven by independent thinking about macro-economic factors - while Brown Shipley's top rated bond manager Kevin Doran also warns of big trouble ahead for both the Bank of England and fixed income investors as rates start to slowly rise over the remainder of the decade.

Straight Talk - 2013 Round Up

16th of Dec 2013

Looking back at 2013

In this end of year episode, David and Lawrence revisit some of their interviews from earlier in the year which they feel hold some important messages for investment opportunities in 2014.

Investment 101 - Infrastructure Funds

13th of Dec 2013

Investing in infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure has become enormously popular in the last few years, providing both a steady, inflation linked income and a possibility of capital gains. What should investors look out for when they look put money to work in these public/private partnership structures?

Spotlight - Alternative Finance

11th of Dec 2013

Cutting out the banks

This month we turn the spotlight on to the Alternative Finance space and explain the growing number of opportunities that allow investors to lend to both businesses and consumers using internet based platforms. We investigate lending on invoices with Market Invoice, lending to businesses to fund growth with RebuildingSociety and P2P lending to consumers via Ratesetter

Straight Talk - Marcus Backmann

9th of Dec 2013

Commodity markets : hit rock bottom yet ?

The straight talking show for financial professionals investigates whether the global commodity sector has hit rock bottom yet and is now on its way back up again ? With Lawrence and David in the studio is Marcus Backmann, a specialist resource equity fund manager with Craton Capital.

Investment 101 - Multi Managers

6th of Dec 2013

Accessing actively managed funds

In this episode David explores the ins and outs of using Multi Manager and Fund of Funds showing how one can balance the extra fees incurred compared to passive funds versus the higher potential returns they could generate.

Straight Talk - Edward Allen

2nd of Dec 2013

China vs Europe: Which to choose ?

The straight talking show for financial professionals investigates the tough choice faced by contrarians: is it time to take the plunge into Chinese equities or should investors stick with the Eurzone recovery ? In the hot seat is Edward Allen from wealth advisers Thurleigh.

Head to Head - Investing in Real Estate

29th of Nov 2013

Getting property into portolios

In this episode David and Lawrence discuss different ways to access property in investment portfolios whether through a fund, a trust or by buying property.

Picks, Shovels and Roughnecks

27th of Nov 2013

Take stock of global commodities

The monthly show for commodity based investors takes stock of global commodity markets by looking at resource sector equities and in particular energy stocks and small cap precious metals miners. Specialist fund managers from this space such as Angelos Damaskos of Sector Investment Managers have had a torrid few years. Have investors finally capitulated - promoting a future rally - or is there worse to come courtesy of weaker energy and gold prices ?

Straight Talk - Property

25th of Nov 2013

UK homes in a bubble?

The straight talking show for financial professionals examines how investors can now access residential property as an asset class through funds and asks whether the UK housing market is turning into a bubble? In the hot seat is David Gibbons of Hearthstone.

Investment 101 - IPOs

22nd of Nov 2013

Are new public listings worth the bother?

As Twitter makes its debut on the US markets, we investigate whether high profile initial public offerings (IPOs) are worth chasing - or are they the clever creation of investment banks designed to destroy investors wealth by over inflating valuations ?

The Big Question - CAPE

20th of Nov 2013

Do long term valuations matter?

FT and Investors Chronicle columnist Dominic Picarda examines whether well established methods of valuing markets over the long term such as the CAPE measure (the cyclically adjusted price to earnings measure) have any value in today's volatile markets

Straight Talk with Jacob de Tusch Lec

18th of Nov 2013

Global equity ideas

The straight talking show for financial professionals catches up with Jacob de Tusch Lec from Artemis to discuss global income equity opportunities, stockmarket valuations, the attraction of Nordic equities, the resistible rise of smart beta and the future of active fund management!

Head to Head - Venture Capital

15th of Nov 2013

Investing in younger companies

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson investigate the best way of investing in younger companies – should we use venture capital trusts, or invest directly with a venture capital firm or even a private equity fund? What are the risks with each method of investing , and is a focus on the tax advantages of venture capital trusts a sensible move for private investors ?

Investment 101 - Independent Financial Advisors

15th of Nov 2013

How to plan with IFAs

Since the introduction of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) the way consumers deal with Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) has changed. We look deeper into working with IFAs to get a better understanding of the services that they offer, how they charge for such services and how to decide whether you should be using one when planning your finances.

Spotlight - Investing for a Dividend Income

13th of Nov 2013

Getting an income from Dividends

In this episode of Spotlight, David sits with Andrew Lapthorne, Quantitative Strategist for Societe Generale, to discuss gaining an income from dividends.

Straight Talk with Alastair Mundy

11th of Nov 2013

As the year draws to an end

In this episode David and Lawrence sit with Alastair Mundy from Investec Asset Management and take an early look at what the new year could have in store for investors as well as some of the behavioural patterns he has noticed leading up to the end of the year.

Head to Head - Investing in Technology

8th of Nov 2013

The excitement of the Tech sector

In this episode David and Lawrence discuss investing in technology, whether by buying share in individual companies or by buying into a fund. This exciting sector can yield high results, but also carries with it some high risk levels.

Investment 101 - Tech stocks

6th of Nov 2013

Tech stocks : a risky ride?

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon - are the great tech giants worth investing in or are they just too risky for the average investor?

Head to Head - The Eurozone

1st of Nov 2013

How to invest continental style

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson explore the benefits - and challenges - of investing in European equities.

Hard Money - Talking Tech

30th of Oct 2013

Investing in the technology sector

Are the tech giants a bargain or is technology moving too fast for the majors? The monthly investment strategy discussion programme explores the ins and outs of the tech space with star manager Ben Rogoff from Polar Capital. Are shares in the likes of Google, Apple and Microsoft cheap or will they become victims of the next big technology shifts?

Straight Talk - Gerard Lee

28th of Oct 2013

An Asian snapshot

In this episode of the straight talking show aimed at finance professionals, we talk to Gerard Lee Chief Executive Officer at Lion Global Investors about how their fund is built around Asian Investments and which ones he thinks are worth considering.

Investment 101 - Gold

25th of Oct 2013

The safe choice?

As more and more investors opt to invest in the shiny stuff, we examine the choices for buying into gold, ranging from purchasing gold and bullion bars all the way through to investing in gold funds.

The Big Question - Tactical investing

23rd of Oct 2013

Switching better than Buy & Hold?

FT and Investors Chronicle columnist Dominic Picarda discusses how a simple tactical switching portfolio can deliver better returns than buy-and-hold, but with less risk.

Straight Talk - China

21st of Oct 2013

Talking China

The straight talking show aimed at finance professionals investigates whether China has finally turned a corner and whether the time is right to take the plunge back into local equities?

Head to Head - Volatility

18th of Oct 2013

Use volatility to hedge a portfolio

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson discuss the concept of volatility and explore why the move up and down in share prices can occasionally work to an investors advantage.

The Business of Advice - IT Security

17th of Oct 2013

How safe is your data?

In this episode we look at the importance of keeping data secure. As more and more of our industry moves online, it is of paramount importance that we protect our data. David Stevenson sits with James Hogbin of, a leading consultant and service provider in this space, to find out just how much our data is at risk, what steps we can take to protect ourselves and what the consequences can be when something does go wrong.

Straight Talk - Guy Tolhurst

14th of Oct 2013

Alternative Investments

The straight talking show aimed at finance professionals investigates the exotic and sometimes emotional world of alternative investments with Guy Tolhurst, from the 2013 Alternative Investment Summit

Investment 101 - Mergers and Aquisitions

11th of Oct 2013

Why M&A activity matters

As stockmarkets gain in confidence, investors should expect a wave of mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity. Most M&A is an utter waste of shareholders money, but sometimes it pays to watch - and even follow - the actions of corporate raiders and shareholder activists.

Head to Head - Collectables

11th of Oct 2013

Time to get emotional?

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson discuss why so many investors choose to focus on emotional and collectible assets such as stamps, cars and art - are these alternative assets a great diversifier or are they simply too risky for the mainstream investor ?

Picks, Shovels and Roughnecks - Shale UK

9th of Oct 2013

UK unconventional oil and gas

Why Britain may be the next big thing for unconventional oil and gas. The monthly show for commodity based investors examines whether the UK represents perhaps the single biggest for unconventional shale gas and oil developers in Europe ? That's the view of Nick Grealey, oil consultant and columnist on website who believes that most mainstream analysts have woefully under-estimated the size of domestic unconventional energy reserves.

Straight Talk - Going global

7th of Oct 2013

The hunt for equity income widens

The straight talking weekly show for finance professionals goes global in search of new income opportunities within the equities space - with Guinness Asset Management's Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page.

Head to Head - Alternative Assets

4th of Oct 2013

Why investors need Alternatives

Investors are constantly encouraged to 'diversify' their investments across different classes, with many experts suggesting that 'alternative assets' might be a sensible source of future returns. But is this focus on everything from commodities through to rare cars and stamps, a wise idea for the average investor?

The Big Question - Quality Investing

2nd of Oct 2013

Invest in quality

Dominic Picarda, the Trader columnist for the Investor's Chronicle reveals why he believes that a strategy focusing on quality companies whose stocks pay a substantial and growing income through dividends is the best idea for private investors

Straight Talk - Income Investing

30th of Sep 2013

New ideas for income

The straight talking show for finance professionals investigates new ideas for income within the green energy space (focusing on infrastructure assets) and discusses why a focus on mid cap stocks might be a smart move for UK focused equity income investors.

Investment 101 - P2P lending

27th of Sep 2013

The next big thing?

Peer to peer lending is the next big thing within the world of Alternative Finance, providing savers with an alternative source of income by lending to borrowers using online marketplaces. Platforms such as Zopa, Ratesetter and Funding Circle offer returns well above the average but what should investors look out for?

Head to Head - Infrastructure

27th of Sep 2013

A sensible option for income seekers?

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson examine why a focus on funds that invest in infrastructure assets such as new roads, airports and even schools might provide a reliable source of inflation proof income.

Hard Money - Emerging Markets

26th of Sep 2013

Time to come in from the cold?

Are emerging markets set for a return to favour? Emerging markets' equities have become profoundly unpopular in recent months as investors worry about currency crises and slowing growth but is this cynicism misplaced ? JPMorgan Asset Management's Chief Investment Officer Richard Titherington argues that the prevailing pessimism is over-done and that the smart investor should now be focusing on buying the right kind of cheap stocks from the developing world.

Straight Talk - Next Gen Index Funds

23rd of Sep 2013

The inexorable rise of smart beta

The straight talking programme for financial professionals examines the next generation of index tracking funds that provide 'smart' investment strategies using quantitative measures. Are these smart beta funds a lower cost alternative to mainstream actively managed funds ?

Investment 101 - Crowdfunding

20th of Sep 2013

Investing in start ups

The rise of the internet and the rapid growth of new social networks online has opened up exciting, innovative ways to speculate on start ups and fast growing younger companies. Crowdfunding platforms in particular allow the experienced investor to bet on these hot new ideas for as little as £10 a go! But just how risky is this style of investing and what does the investor need to watch out for?

Head to Head - EM Dividends

20th of Sep 2013

Dividends in the developing world

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson discuss why a focus on companies that pay a growing dividend might be a sensible strategy for more cautious investors looking to tap into the potential of emerging markets.

The Big Question - Mega Caps

18th of Sep 2013

Why investors love mega caps

Dominic Picarda, the Trader columnist for the Investor's Chronicle examines whether the best opportunities in today's market may lie in so called mega caps - the very biggest companies on the global markets based on their market value.

Straight Talk

16th of Sep 2013

Pick the right fund, understand the signals

Why macro economic signals are invaluable in selecting fund managers. The straight talking programme for financial professionals looks at fund manager selection, using macro-economic signals and examines whether now is the time to start looking again at listed private equity funds.

Investment 101 Hedge Funds

13th of Sep 2013

Are they worth the high costs?

Hedge funds give investors access to some of the best money managers in the world but are they worth the extra fees? With more and more hedge funds offering access to less wealthy clients, is it time to swap the traditional unit trust for a ride with the new masters of the financial universe?

Straight Talk - Autumn Preview

9th of Sep 2013

What to watch out for over autumn

In this episode of the straight talking programme for finance professionals, Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson discuss what to look out for over the coming months. How volatile will stock markets become if tapering starts by the Fed? Will emerging markets remain unpopular? And how will the regulators at the FCA change their supervision of the sector?

Head to Head - Listed Private Equity

6th of Sep 2013

Listed access to private businesses

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson discuss how to invest in private businesses through stock market listed private equity funds. Are these easy to access structures a sensible alternative to mainstream equity funds for the more adventurous investor?

Spotlight on Leveraged Trackers

4th of Sep 2013

Gearing up for traders

We turn the spotlight on to leveraged trackers - stock listed products that allow investor to gear up, or multiply, their returns from investing in key asset classes such as gold, US shares or the FTSE 100 index of leading UK shares. With Hector McNeil from Boost ETP and Ben Thompson of SG and Lyxor ETFs.

Investment 101 - Dividends

4th of Sep 2013

Payouts from your investments

The regular investment education slot turns its attention to the humble dividend cheque, paid out by so many companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Why are these frequent payouts so important and what should investors do take make sure they grow over time?

Investment 101 - Why Costs Matter

30th of Aug 2013

Keeping an eye on costs

In this episode David takes a look at the impact costs will have on your portfolio as well as the various parts that go together to make up these costs. He also looks at some of the best ways to keep these costs to a minimum as well as how to make sure you're getting what you pay for.

The Big Question - Tatical Investing

23rd of Aug 2013

Right place at the right time

In this episode of the Big Question Dominic Picarda looks at tactical investing. He looks over previous decades to see how investing in cyclical and defensive stocks would have paid off and how this could influence your investment strategy looking to the future.

Investment 101 - Inflation

16th of Aug 2013

Protecting from Inflation

Inflation can have a massive impact on your investment portfolio - what can you do to make sure that your bonds and shares can withstand a sudden increase in the retail prices index (the RPI measure of inflation)?

Straight Talk - Asset Allocation

12th of Aug 2013

What to invest in?

Our summer special looks at the big asset allocation calls and asks what next for the major asset classes? Are US shares over priced and gold under priced? Is the UK hotting up again and is Europe finally about to snap out its austerity induced funk? With Lawrence and David in the studio are Hector Kilpatrick, chief investment officer at Cornelian and Robert Jukes, global strategist at Cannacord Genuity Wealth Management.

Picks, Shovels and Roughnecks

7th of Aug 2013

Servicing the fracking boom

The monthly programme dedicated to all things commodity related turns its attention to the roughnecks and frackers who are revolutionising the energy services sector. Is the smart way to play high energy prices for investors to focus on the equipment and technology providers? Our guests include Chris Boxall of Fundamental Asset Management and manager of their SF Energy fund as well as Jim Sterling, a US based independent energy analyst and publisher of the Sterling Account.

Investment 101 - Corporate Bonds

7th of Aug 2013

How safe a source of regular income

Investing in bonds issued by corporation has become enormously popular especially for those investors looking for a regular income. But what are the risks and what should investors watch out for? Are junk bonds really that 'rubbish' or are they worth the risk?

Straight Talk - Global Edition

5th of Aug 2013

Where to invest?

A summer special on US and African shares. Our summer special examines whether equity investors should still focus on the American markets or whether they should start looking much further afield, at frontier markets such as Africa.

The Big Question - Investing Like an Endowment

2nd of Aug 2013

Can we invest like the best?

If you want to know how to put a great investment portfolio together, you could do a lot worse than to turn to the world's finest universities and copy their huge endowment funds. Investor's Chronicle columnist Dominic Picarda reveals the secrets of this long term approach to investing.

Head to Head - Real Estate Investment Trusts

2nd of Aug 2013

Commercial property made simple?

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson discuss the merits of investing in funds that focus on commercial real estate. Listed on the London stock market and called REITs (real estate investment trusts), are these funds an alternative source of regular income or just plain risky?

Spotlight on Bonds

31st of Jul 2013

Close to the edge?

The monthly programme that focuses on key investment products turns the spotlight on bonds and asks whether bonds are still a wise investment given low yields and high prices? With David Stevenson in the studio is Cannacord's bonds guru Mark Glowrey and IC columnist Dominic Picarda.

Straight Talk with Neil Staines

29th of Jul 2013

Should advisers worry about FX?

The straight talking weekly show for finance professionals examines whether currency markets are a source of opportunity for investors, especially for investors in dollar based assets - and whether hedging a portfolio is really worth the bother? In the hot seat discussing these and other challenges is Neil Staines from FX specialists ECU Group.

Head to Head - Small Caps

26th of Jul 2013

From tiny acorns...

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson discuss how to invest in the smallest companies on the stockmarket, small and micro-cap stocks. what are the risks and how much hard work in terms of research do you have to put in to reap the rewards?

Straight Talk - Mid year review

22nd of Jul 2013

Markets pause for the summer

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson review the year so far in their state of the markets update. Helping them work out what might happen next is Josh McCallum, fixed income economist at UBS Global Asset Management.

Head to Head - Currencies & FX

19th of Jul 2013

Adding foreign currency to portfolios

Investing in a foreign market requires some understanding of FX markets - what effect will fluctuating FX rates have on the value of underlying investments? Should investors look to hedge their FX risk? Is it a sensible strategy to invest directly in FX as an asset class?

Investment 101 - Bonds

17th of Jul 2013

A primer in fixed income securities

Investing in bonds issued by governments and corporations have become hugely popular in recent years. What should investors watch out for, and why does inflation and interest rates have such a major impact on bond investing?

MoneyWeek TV

17th of Jul 2013

Inflation, EMs & protecting wealth

Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek discuss inflation, wages, and emerging markets. And Guy Fraser-Sampson, senior fellow at Cass Business School and author of The Mess We’re In, gives his view on the markets, and how retail investors can protect themselves in periods of uncertainty.

Straight Talk with Antony Vallee

15th of Jul 2013

Income ideas: time to look at convertibles?

The straight talking weekly show for finance professionals examines the growing number of alternative income opportunities, looking at everything from convertible funds through asset backed finance. In the studio is Antony Vallee of JPMorgan's convertible team.

Head to Head - Asset Backed Finance

12th of Jul 2013

The New New Alternative

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson turn their attention to a new world of shadow banking where investors can invest in funds that advance money to asset backed schemes for new planes, buildings and trains.

Spotlight on Structured products

12th of Jul 2013

Advisors & Structured Products

Equity based investments or an alternative to absolute returns based solutions? In this month's programme the spotlight is on the use of structured products by financial advisers. What investment options are IFAs making increasing use of and what should product buyers look out for? In the studio with David and Lawrence is Gary Dale, Head of Intermediary Sales for Investec Structured Products, and Marc Chamberlain, executive director for Morgan Stanley's IQ structured products platform.

Investment 101 - Stockbrokers

10th of Jul 2013

Opening a dealing account

More and more investors are choosing to manage their investment future through a stockbroker account, mostly using a SIPP or ISA dealing account. What should investors look out for when opening a new account?

Straight Talk - Investment Solutions Special

8th of Jul 2013

Multi-managers and internet DFMs

The straight talking weekly show for finance professionals examines what makes a good multi-manager and also explores the rise of internet based investment platforms with Nutmeg's CIO Shaun Port.

Hard Money - Eurozone Shares

8th of Jul 2013

Time to get back in Euro-Shares?

The monthly investment discussion programme turns its attention to the European mainland and asks whether the worst is over for Eurozone stockmarkets - is this the buying opportunity of a generation or a classic value trap? In the studio with David Stevenson is Mark Pignatelli, European Growth Trust fund manager at Smith & Williamson, and Dominic Picarda, columnist for the Investors Chronicle.

Head to Head - Convertibles

5th of Jul 2013

An alternative to equity income

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson turn their attention to income producing convertibles, issued by many US companies. Are these hybrid securities - part bond, part share option - a great alternative for cautious investors looking for an income?

MoneyWeek TV

5th of Jul 2013

End of US quantitative easing?

In this edition of MoneyWeek TV, Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek look at a turbulent couple of weeks for the markets after the US Fed threatens to end quantitative easing. Plus they are joined in the studio by Marcus Ashworth of Espirito Santo Investment Bank to discuss fixed income.

Straight Talk with John Yakas

1st of Jul 2013

Financials and Banks: Still cheap

The straight talking weekly show for finance professionals returns to the subject of banks and financial companies, and asks John Yakas, of Polar Capital, whether the world's least popular business sector is still a good investment idea?

Head to Head - Commodities

28th of Jun 2013

Understanding Commodities

In this episode of Head to Head, David Stevenson and Lawrence Gosling talk about investing in commodities. These fall into a number of different 'baskets' and can be an effective way to provide diversity for your portfolio as they have lower correlation with more cyclical investments.

Investment 101 - Investing in China

28th of Jun 2013

Accessing Chinese Markets

Whatever your views about China and its political structure, Asia's biggest economy really, really matters to investors! It may only be growing at around 7% per annum, but there's a good 6% faster than the UK economy and frankly the envy of most developed economies. If you do feel contrarian and want to make an investment with a Chinese angle, what are the best ways of accessing the the still fast growing story?

Out of the Box - Private Equity

28th of Jun 2013

On track for more opportunities?

The monthly programme focused on alternative asset turns its attention to London stockmarket listed private equity funds and asks whether the growing number of global opportunities for focused fund managers could be good news for investors?

The Big Question - Emerging Markets

27th of Jun 2013

A strategy for EMs?

Dominic Picarda, the Trader columnist for the Investor's Chronicle examines whether sentiment towards emerging markets is about to turn...and whether low valuations on many key markets including Chinese equities represents compelling value? The Big Question is sponsored by Societe Generale.

Straight Talk with Slim Feriani

24th of Jun 2013

Emerging & Frontier Markets

The straight talking weekly show for finance professionals returns with emerging markets specialist, Slim Feriani from Advance Emerging Capital. Is now the time to take a contrarian bet on emerging and frontier markets?

Investment 101 - Leveraged Trackers

19th of Jun 2013

Gearing your returns

Daily leveraged trackers offer the active, tactical trader the chance to gear up their returns from investing in key markets and indices. Our resident expert David Stevenson asks how they work and what investors need to understand about these mainstream alternatives to spread betting.

MoneyWeek TV

18th of Jun 2013

Have central bankers lost control?

Merryn Somerset Webb and John Stepek are joined in the studio by bestselling author David Stockman, to discuss the disaster that is central-bank money-printing, and how investors can protect themselves.

Spotlight on Venture Capital Trusts

17th of Jun 2013

A tax efficient alternative?

In the first episode of Spotlight we shine a light on venture capital trusts and explain why these tax efficient market listed funds have become popular as an alternative to ISAs and SIPPs. We also explore what investors need to watch out for if they're looking to buy a VCT. In the hot seat with Lawrence and David is Puma Investment's CEO David Kaye.

Straight Talk with Isabelle Bourcier

17th of Jun 2013

The rise of smart beta

The straight talking weekly show for finance professionals returns with Isabelle Bourcier of ETF specialists Ossiam in the hot seat as they discuss no load unit trust funds, ETFs and the rise of 'smart beta' trackers that act as a middle ground between active and passive funds.

The Big Question - FTSE 100 vs FTSE 250

14th of Jun 2013

Blue Chips vs Mid caps?

Dominic Picarda, Trader columnist for the Investor's Chronicle, examines whether the FTSE 250 index of mid cap stocks looks a more attractive investment idea than the blue chips in the FTSE 100. The Big Question is sponsored by Societe Generale.

Head to Head - Investment Trusts

14th of Jun 2013

Subscription shares and split caps

Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson turn their attention to investment trusts and the slightly exotic world of subscription shares, warrants, and split cap trusts.

Investment 101 - The Greeks!

12th of Jun 2013

Alpha, beta and Delta for beginners

Why a passing knowledge of key Greek terms can actually be useful for investors looking to understand how the markets move - why alpha, beta and delta are key terms for any smart investor.

Straight Talk with Tim Guinness

10th of Jun 2013

Anyone for Energy Stocks?

A contrarian call as oil prices fall back. The Straight talking weekly programme for finance professionals drills into the energy sector and examines why NOW might be the very best time to buy into energy stocks with Tim Guinness of the Guinness Global Energy Fund.

Head to Head - Investing in the US

7th of Jun 2013

Too late to invest in the US?

Lawrence and David discuss whether now is a good time to invest in the US or if the best opportunities for investors have already passed.

Investment 101 - Smaller Caps Indices

5th of Jun 2013

The smaller FTSEs

In this episode, David explains the various indices describing companies with smaller capital values. These include the FTSE 250, the FTSE small cap index and the FTSE Fledgling Index.

Straight Talk - Global New Ideas Special

3rd of Jun 2013

Think MENA and Green!

The straight talking show aimed at finance professionals roams the world in search of new investment ideas, exploring Middle Eastern bonds and how to track down the very best and most sustainable companies, with a green twist!

Head to Head - Bond Markets

31st of May 2013

Ideas for worried income investors

Bonds in all shapes and sizes have had a good decade, but many investors are now worried that prices are looking a tad "full" - if you think that bonds are indeed overvalued, what alternatives are there in the fixed income space? David and Lawrence explore the growing range of alternatives bonds and loans based ideas on the market that might help to produce a stable income.

Investment 101 - Emerging Markets

29th of May 2013

EMs - a World of Acronyms

David takes a look at Emerging Markets and what exactly they describe as well as breaking down the various acronyms used to describe them including BRICs, MENA, AsiaPac and LatAm.

Straight Talk with Mark Tyndall

27th of May 2013

Market Outlook

The straight talking show aimed at finance professionals catches up with Mark Tyndall of Artemis and discusses how fund management groups can add value, especially in a world where returns from stockmarkets are likely to be below long term trends.

Business of Advice - Wealthy Clients

27th of May 2013

Why costs aren't the biggest issue

The monthly programme focused on running an advisory business focuses on wealthy clients and they want from an IFA? Dominic Gamble from website constantly surveys its customers to find out what they look for in a good wealth manager and in this programme he reveals why cost is far from being the most important issue for wealthy investors.

Head to Head - Target Date funds

24th of May 2013

All in one portfolios

More and more fund managers are offering all-in-one portfolios (including many different asset classes such as equities and bonds), built around a target risk or target date concept i.e retire in 20 years time by investing in a 2013 target date fund. Why are these funds so popular in the US and how do they work?

Investment 101 - S&P 500

22nd of May 2013

What is the S&P 500?

In this episode of Investment 101 David explains the S&P 500, the US stock market index that tracks the 500 largest companies in the US.

Out of the Box - Infrastructure Funds

22nd of May 2013

Defensive play for income investors

The monthly programme focused on alternative asset turns its attention to infrastructure funds and asks whether they are still a great idea for more defensive investors looking for an income?

Japanese equities: heading higher?

22nd of May 2013

Where might the Nikkei go next?

Dominic Picarda, Trader columnist for the Investor's Chronicle, examines whether the rally in Japanese shares has even further to run or whether the local benchmark index, the Nikkei 225, is due a ‘breather’.

Straight Talk with Alan Miller

20th of May 2013

Why costs really matter

The fund management industry under the microscope with Alan Miller from SCM Private

Picks, Shovels & Roughnecks - What next for the energy markets?

20th of May 2013

Why oil prices could head lower

Our regular monthly programme about the resources sector turns its focus on the energy markets and the contrasting fortunes of the oil and gas sectors. As gas prices start to slowly rise from all time lows, are oil prices likely to head in the opposite direction?

Head to Head - Investing in Venture Capital Trusts

17th of May 2013

Tax efficiency for the adventurous

Our resident experts’, Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson, explore the tax efficient world of venture capital trusts and examine why more and more investors are looking at these adventurous investment funds as an alternative to an ISA or SIPP.

Hard Money - Is Value investing still relevant?

17th of May 2013

Why investment style still matters

The monthly investment discussion programme turns its attention to style investing and asks whether value investing – buying stocks on the cheap based on sound balance sheets – still works in increasingly sentiment driven markets? Societe Generale’s star strategist Andrew Lapthorne discusses value vs growth as well as momentum styles with Jonathan Eley from the Financial Times and Dominic Picarda from the Investors Chronicle.

MoneyWeek TV

16th of May 2013

Where can investors find value?

Merryn Somerset Webb talks to John Stepek about where in the world investors can still find value. Plus - should Britain leave the EU? Matthew Lynn explains why it may not matter either way.

Investment 101 - FTSE100

15th of May 2013

Why the FTSE 100 is so important

What’s the benchmark UK index actually measuring? The FTSE 100 index is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading equity market indices. But why is it so important, what’s it made up of and how should an investor aim to use it within a diversified global portfolio?

Straight Talk with Didier Saint George

13th of May 2013

Time to look again at Europe?

Europe vs Japan – what’s the better bet for equity investors?The straight talking investment programme sits down with Carmignac Gestion’s investment guru Didier St George and looks at whether now is the right time to buy into Europe, asks why Japan might be THE place to be at the moment and asks ...what next for France?

Head to Head - Investing in structured products

10th of May 2013

Investments with a defined return

Our resident experts’, Lawrence Gosling and David Stevenson, explore the sometimes complicated world of structured products and explain why these defined returns investments can help control downside risk whilst also giving investors the potential for capital gains from investing in risky equity markets.

What is Investment Compass?

10th of May 2013

A new channel for Investors

What's Investment Compass TV and how can it help you? This short promo film explains what we do, why we do it and why we'd like to think we make essential viewing for any investor or financial adviser.

Investment 101 - Investing In Europe

8th of May 2013

Choosing an index for Europe

Why the index you use is really important when looking across the Channel!

Straight Talk with Alex Crooke

6th of May 2013

UK vs The World

Stay local when it comes to shares?

Head to Head - Investing in start-ups and small companies

3rd of May 2013

Accessing young companies

In this episode Lawrence and David get to grips with the risky business of investing in start ups and smaller companies.

Investment 101 - Exchange Traded Commodities

1st of May 2013

Access commodities with trackers

The Weekly guide to to the complex world of financial products looks at exchange traded commodities or ETCs. These relatively new financial structures can be used to invest in all sorts of alternative assets and commodities. Why are they so popular and what should an investor watch out for when using them in a portfolio?

MoneyWeek TV

1st of May 2013

Property, ROCE, demographics

MoneyWeek TV, the new topical show from Britain’s best-selling financial magazine hosted by Merryn Somerset Webb.

The Big Question - What next for gold prices

29th of Apr 2013

How low could gold prices go?

Dominic Picarda, Trader columnist from the Investor's Chronicle, looks at recent moves in the gold markets and asks whether the shiny metal could fall even further in price in the coming weeks?

Straight Talk with Andrew Bell

29th of Apr 2013

Next generation of fund managers?

The straight talking weekly programme for financial professionals talks to Andrew Bell from The Witan Investment Trust about the importance of selecting the right managers for your portfolio, the sudden fall in commodity prices, the rise of the alternative banking sector and the opportunities emerging for investors as the big high street banks start to cut back their activities.

Head to Head - Frontier Markets

26th of Apr 2013

Looking beyond emerging markets

In this episode of Head to Head Lawrence asks David about frontier markets. They discuss the definition of these markets as well as opportunities and strategies for investors wanting to gain access.

Out of the Box

24th of Apr 2013

Alternative Ideas

Thinking out of the box with bonds and loans Many investors choose to focus on generating an income, using bonds or other income producing loans. But as markets start to worry about the relative attractiveness of fixed income products generally - and especially government gilts - what alternatives exist within the funds space? Out of the Box looks at three alternative fund strategies including a focus on European floating rate loans, collateralised bonds issued by mid sized US corporations and the need to take a strategic approach to the full bonds spectrum.

Investment 101 - Exchange Traded Funds

24th of Apr 2013

ETFs explained

The low cost, passive alternative for investor's in funds

Straight Talk - UK Special

22nd of Apr 2013

What next for the UK economy?

The straight talking weekly programme aimed at finance professionals focuses on the state of the UK economy with top UK economist David Tinsley from investment bank BNP Paribas.

Business of Advice - Discretionary Fund Managers

22nd of Apr 2013

To DFM or not to DFM

Outsourcing an IFAs investment process : What to watch out for ?

Head to Head - Investing in Emerging Markets

19th of Apr 2013

Future capital growth?

In this episode Lawrence and David try to make sense of investing for growth by picking emerging markets such as China, Brazil and Russia.

MoneyWeek TV

17th of Apr 2013

Bitcoins, The Dow and Japan

MoneyWeek TV, the new topical show from Britain’s best-selling financial magazine hosted by Merryn Somerset Webb.

Investment 101 - Venture Capitalist Trusts

17th of Apr 2013

High risk & tax efficient

Stephen Barber takes the time to talk about Venture Capital Trusts.

Straight Talk with Edward Bonham Carter

15th of Apr 2013

The Thatcher legacy

The straight talking weekly talk show for financial professionals looks at the legacy of Margaret Thatcher for investors. Our straight talkers also catch up with Jupiter boss Edward Bonham Carter and discuss how the sector is evolving after RDR.

Precious Metals Special - Picks, Shovels & Roughnecks

15th of Apr 2013

Looking at the shiny stuff

The monthly programme devoted to investing in commodities focuses on precious metals. Our experts look at prospects for gold prices as well as the varying dynamics of the global silver, paladium and platinum markets.

'Slow Finance' - Book Club

10th of Apr 2013

Slowing Down for Investors

Star fund manager Gervais Williams talks about his vision for investors in a world where international finance is 'slowing down' and kicking its addiction to debt.

Investment 101 - EIS

10th of Apr 2013

Enterprise Investment Schemes

In this episode David Stevenson explains EIS structures and funds. How they work, what to watch out for and what benefits they can provide investors.

Hard Money

8th of Apr 2013

Only way is up for the US?

The monthly investment 'think-in' heads stateside and explores whether the US is really the place to be for cautious equity investors, or are the risks of a big increase in risk growing by the day?

Straight Talk - UK Shares

8th of Apr 2013

A stockpickers market?

The weekly show aimed at finance professionals cuts to the chase with straight talking fund manager Andy Brough, who runs Schroders UK Mid 250 fund.

The Big Question - US Equities

8th of Apr 2013

US Equities over the next months

Dominic Picarda, Trader on the Investors Chronicle magazine, looks at prospects for the benchmark US equity index, the S&P 500 and asks whether it can much higher...or whether its due a big correction in the coming months.

Head to Head - Investing for Income

5th of Apr 2013

Chasing higher yields?

In this episode Lawrence and David discuss investing for an income.

Straight Talk with Nichola Pease

29th of Mar 2013

New Blood in the Square Mile

In this edition of Straight Talk we've got leading City executive Nichola Pease talking about how to get fresh, new blood into the square. We also take a sceptical look at absolute returns and hedge funds, and we ask what can be done to make investing more affordable for hard pressed savers.

MoneyWeek TV

23rd of Mar 2013

Cyprus, Cash, Eurozone & Property

MoneyWeek TV, the new topical show from Britain’s best-selling financial magazine hosted by Merryn Somerset Webb.

MoneyWeek TV

15th of Mar 2013

ISAs, Pref shares and Gold

MoneyWeek TV, the new topical show from Britain’s best-selling financial magazine hosted by Merryn Somerset Webb.

Head to Head - Absolute Return Investing

12th of Mar 2013

Beating the bank

David and Lawrence take a look at Absolute Return Funds and examine how they work and achieve growth in all markets as well as how they should fit into an investor's portfolio.

Straight Talk with Alastair Mundy

4th of Mar 2013

Contrarian Investing

Investec's contrarian investing guru Alastair Mundy on why investors still need to focus on investment fundamentals even in rising markets, as well as managed portfolio solutions for IFAs - a middle ground between full out sourcing to DFMs or keeping the investment process in house. Plus what the mood of London taxi drivers tells us about markets.

Book Club with Alastair Mundy

4th of Mar 2013

You say tomayto...

An interview with Investec's Alastair Mundy on his new book "You Say Tomayto".

Hard Money

22nd of Feb 2013

What's safe in an uncertain world?

The monthly discussion programme that digs deep into the world of investing with leading commentators from the world of finance. Jim Leaviss from M&G and Matthew Vincent from the FT discuss with David Stevenson and Lawrence Gosling what to look for in protecting your capital.

Head to Head - Compound Investing

22nd of Feb 2013

Compounding your investments?

Investment strategies demystified! The light hearted weekly guide to investment options examines the wonders of compound returns....and warns about the disastrous effects of negative compounding of fees!

The Big Question

22nd of Feb 2013

Is China a buy?

The new monthly show where Dominic Picarda from the Investors Chronicle explores key market strategies and tactics for the more experienced investor - what next for China?

Picks Shovels and Roughnecks

22nd of Feb 2013

All things commodity related

The monthly programme that examines all things resource related with a panel of industry experts. Prospects for gold prices, will uranium pull up out of its funk and the great shale gas revolution comes to Europe.

Investment 101

22nd of Feb 2013

Buy to Let Mortgages

Investment products made simple!

Business of Advice

22nd of Feb 2013

Internet and IFAs

High brow conversation around the ins and outs of being a professional financial adviser.

Investment Trusts, Investment 101 style!

22nd of Feb 2013

Stockmarket listed funds

Closed end funds or investment trusts as they are better known are some of the oldest companies listed on the London stockmarket, with many of the leading outfits formed back in the Victorian era. But these trusts are also still one of the most cost effective and successful ways of buying into key investment areas like UK or global equities. This episode of Investment 101 explains how an investment trust works, and what an investor needs to look out for if they are thinking of buying one through a stockbroker.

MoneyWeek TV

22nd of Feb 2013

US Bonds, Spreadbets & Gold

MoneyWeek TV, the new bi-monthly topical show from Britain's best-selling financial magazine, hosted by Editor-in-Chief, Merryn Somerset-Webb.

Straight Talk

22nd of Feb 2013

Straight talking for professionals

The straight talking show aimed at finance professionals kicks off with prospects for markets in 2013, life post RDR and the hunger for income. With Midas Asset Management’s Gervais Williams.


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