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Lombard Odier IM and ETF Securities join forces

31st of Mar 2015

A smarter combination

In this video Kevin Corrigan and Mark Weeks talk with David Stevenson about the joint launch of a range of Exchange Traded Funds.

Artemis Global Growth Fund

24th of Sep 2013

An Update from Peter Saacke

Peter Saacke updates investors on the performance and positioning of the Artemis Global Growth Fund, discussing the relative merits of stock picking and the fund's exposure to emerging markets.

Artemis Srategic Bond Fund

24th of Sep 2013

The 'forward guidance' policy

Artemis Strategic Bond Fund manager James Foster discusses the Bank of England's new 'forward guidance' policy and its impact on the government bond market.

Artemis European Opportunites Fund

24th of Sep 2013

Mark Page talks Europe

With European markets improving over the last year, Mark Page argues that companies are in better shape and expecting healthy earnings growth in 2014.

Artemis High Income Fund

24th of Sep 2013

The impact of rising interest rates

With market expectations of rising interest rates causing bond yields to move upwards, Adrian Gosden explains the impact on the Artemis High Income Fund, and discusses new opportunities under consideration for the fund.

Artemis Income Fund

24th of Sep 2013

Update on the Artemis Income Fund

Adrian Gosden updates investors on the progress of the Income Fund in 2013 and explains the rationale for some recent changes to its positioning, including opportunities he's seeing in the mining, banking and telecoms sectors.

Artemis Global Select Fund

24th of Sep 2013

Japan and the grey dollar

Simon Edelsten, Artemis Global Income Fund manager, explains why he's buying Japanese domestic stocks and favouring companies around the world that service the needs of older people.

The Wise Monkeys - Episode 121

15th of Aug 2013

Income Generation

In this episode Vanessa Sterling is joined by Troy Rice, as well as David and Stephen, to explore the world of income generation. Traditional investments seem to have less appeal than days gone by, so what are the alternatives for today's lateral thinking investors?

The Wise Monkeys - Episode 120

30th of Jul 2013

Safer Assets

In the wake of the fallen gold price, Vanessa Sterling is joined by David and Stephen to discuss what investors should look for when adding to their portfolio. Are retail bonds the safer source of income, or would equities be more beneficial for supplying future growth?

The Wise Monkeys - Episode 119

22nd of Jul 2013

The US and Tax wrappers

In this episode Vanessa Sterling is joined by David Stevenson and Stephen Barber to discuss the current behaviour of the US markets as well as why David has chosen to use only an ISA and no SIPP.

Interview with David Zalaznick

28th of Jun 2013

Interview with David Zalaznick, founder and investment advisor at Jordan/Zalaznick Capital Partners.

Interview with Rollo Wright

22nd of May 2013

Interview with Rollo Wright, partner at Gravis Capital Partners.

Interview with Giles Frost

22nd of May 2013

Interview with Giles Frost, CEO at Amber Infrastructure Group.

Taking Stock - Finding Income

19th of Sep 2012

Investing in Investment Trusts

Taking Stock, Q3 2012. Finding Income with David Stevenson, Jeremy Tigue of Foreign & Colonial, Willam Meadon, JPMorgan Asset Management, Duncan Owen of Schroders and Rod Davidson.

Exchange Traded Special

17th of Sep 2012

Investing in ETFs

Exchange Traded Special with Nick Blake, Head of Retail at Vanguard, Jose Garcia-Zarate, senior ETF analyst at Morningstar and Manooj Mistry, Head of ETFs for DB x-trackers.  Hosted by David Stevenson. 9th September 2012.


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Lombard Odier IM and ETF Securities join forces

31st of Mar 2015

A smarter combination

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